Your dress based on Your data

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You think that wearable electronic technology is the future; little do you know that tech related clothing is going to change the world.

In today’s fashion filled world, it’s often too time consuming and costly to find something for you to wear.

Something unique, something based on your style, something based on your data, something based on ..


Have you heard of Google? No? … Check it out here then.

According to TheVerge, TechCrunch, and Digital Trends, Google is partnering up with “Ivyrevel“, a digital fashion house, backed by H&M Group, to create your very own fashion statement.

Some of you might have read about “Awareness API” which was something Google introduced last year. This allows applications to understand where you are, what you’re doing, what’s nearby, what’s the weather like; basically a total invasion of privacy.

However, the purpose behind this was to offer a more personalized feel to your applications, and now… a dress

This “Data Dress”, as it’s being called, will reflect your daily activity. Unless you have a stalker that literally even breathes to your pattern, your dress should be pretty unique. To start off this process, you need to get Google’s “Coded Couture” app, and you can even go ahead and register at IvyRevel for a 20% discount before this product even releases!

After downloading this app, you’re given the options of choosing your purpose for the dress. Do you need to go to a fancy dinner? Clubbing? Business meeting? You’re taken care of. data dress

In the past 7 days, Google’s tracking API will note the places you visit, the miles you’ve covered, the weather of your city, basically everything unique to you. As seen on the dress, you’ll get these personalized “map lines”.

The dress presented to you will be fitted for either formal or casual occasions. As presented in the pictures and the videos of this article, this particular dress is made of black velvet because “it’s cold in Sweden”; and as The Verge explains, since the wearer likes to go dancing, it will have “diamond details”.

These are a few of the pictures of the early stages, in which only a few selected people have been approved for testing. data dressdata dress

As you’ve probably understood by now, the purpose of this dress is to let people know who YOU are. Of course, if someone saw you at a club with white lines on a black dress, we doubt they’ll know what you do for fun.

This does seem like a great thing to invest in, as you can customize your dresses and it’s all done online. You have fashion, identity, and technology all in one. We see the benefits of this, but we do wish there was more “tech” involved in this whole design. It would be much more interesting if the dress could suddenly change the body-fitness based on your current activity; or if it could change the material based on the weather. Now that would be futuristic.

There is no official price for these dresses yet, but it’s rumored to start at $99+.

What do you think? Are you going to be unique?

On a side note, we stumbled upon this blog called Positive Health Wellness that, as the title mentions, is all about that healthy lifestyle. There was one article in particular that we found pretty interesting that relates technology to an overall improvement in our health – feel free to check it out!

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