My mouth is watering with the Impossible Burger 2.0

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The Impossible Burger is far from impossible - and is about to make you second guess your next burger.

Were you expecting only technological innovations from this blog and CES? Nah, fam. We’re branching out this 2019. But also not really.

impossible burger

Winner of “Best of the Best” and “Most Impactful Product” at this years CES, let me tell you what you already should have known.

Who’s behind this?

Impossible Foods, founded in 2011, aims to make sustainable food. Basically every vegetarian’s dream – meatless food. Using plants to make meat, dairy, and fish.

Finding ways to literally make you have the exact same taste, but from plants. Seems like a logical concept, right?

So the Impossible Burger is…

Exactly what you think it is. A burger that “cooks, smells, and tastes like meat from cows”, but directly from plants. Which is honestly great for me since I don’t eat beef but you probably already knew that #TrueHinduGang.

Now, the Impossible Burger has been around since 2016, but this year’s CES presented the “2.0” version.

The New Recipe, or Impossible Burger 2.0 is:

impossible burger nutrition facts
  • Tastier, juicier, and more nutritious,
  • 30% less sodium, 40% less saturated fat, and 100% more delicious,
  • Soy protein instead of wheat protein,
  • Methylcellulose (a plant-based culinary binder),
  • Sunflower oil,
  • Made mostly of plant proteins and water!

Starting January 8, 2019 – the Impossible Burger will be available in several restaurants in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and in over 5,000 other locations in the United States.

Now’s the best time of all to finally leave meat, you guys!

And since we’re on the topic of food…

How great would it be to have …a lot of bread… all the time?


BreadBot is an automatic machine that bakes 10 loaves of bread an hour! This includes mixing, forming, proofing, and all that fun stuff.

Made by Wilkinson Baking Company, the BreadBot reduces the need to know how to bake bread or even having to transport absurd quantities from one place to another (if you’re a retail store – restaurants, grocery stores).

It can even be configured to bake white, wheat, whole grain, or other types of bread!

Don’t 235 loaves of bread a day sound… nice?

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