Apple Special Event: Apple Arcade

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Yet another one of Apple's big subscription solutions - this time in the form of gaming. All you can game for the low cost of...?
Apple Special Event

Apple Arcade

The Apple Special Event finally took place on the afternoon of March 25th, and I’m here to tell you all about it. As with every big event, I’m about to divide this up into parts. Have you already read about Apple News+? What about the Apple Card? Get ready for Apple Arcade.

Seems almost too soon after JUST hearing about Google’s Stadia, but here we have it, folks: Apple Arcade, yet another subscription service (again, this was the whole theme of this event) featuring over 100 new exclusive games.

Apple Arcade

Available as an exclusive tab on the App Store (since games are the #1 thing downloaded), Apple Arcade will allow customers to try out every possible game, which are:

  • All-You-Can-Play,
  • Ad free,
  • No tracking (a.k.a. Facebook won’t creepily show you ads for the game)
  • No more in-game/additional purchases.

What makes this new gaming service special, is the fact that these games won’t be available anywhere (a.k.a. other consoles) other than on your Apple devices. 

Note, these aren’t games that are only available on the iOS platform, but even titles such as Sega’s “Sonic Racing” will be making a comeback.

What you need to know

Apple Arcade available on all devices.

Since this is, after all, a subscription service – you can expect to pay a monthly fee to access Apple Arcade and the 100+ titles included. If you aren’t convinced yet, there’s a few nifty features that might impress you.

  • Multiple devices. Expect Apple Arcade to be accessible across your iPhones, iPads, Macs, and even your Apple TV. As far as the segue goes – you bet you can pick up on one device, where you left off on another.
  • Offline gaming. Apple claims that every game in this package will have offline gaming functionality, so you definitely don’t need a wireless connection everywhere you go.
  • Similar to the Apple News+, you can expect 1 monthly fee to be enough for up to 6 of your family members to play, using Family Sharing.

Apple Arcade will be available to everyone starting Fall 2019, in over 150 countries. Unfortunately, the cost is still TBD.

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