Don’t ask for an Uber self-driving car just yet…

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Can you imagine being run over by a car without a driver? This wasn't the case, but we might be getting there..

Imagine walking down a street on a dark Monday night.

Now imagine doing the same while you whisper under your breath how “terrible Mondays are“. For most of us, we’re just tired and too lazy to go to work, school, or get your priorities in order.

“Self-Driving Uber vehicle kills female pedestrian”

autonomous vehicle uber

A grey 2017 Volvo XC90 to be exact

Uber has officially stopped their entire arsenal of self driving cars in Arizona, as well as a few states and cities.

With the rise of autonomous vehicles, this is a very unfortunate turn of events for both pedestrians, as well as the most popular ride sharing app.

49 year old Elaine Herzberg was walking across the street in Tempe, Arizona when a self-driving car with a “safety driver” inside hit her. She was rushed to the hospital where she passed away due to heavy injuries.

Not much has been concluded from police investigation yet as Uber has refused to publicize the details and qualifications of the driver in the Uber vehicle. However, the cameras and sensors found on the vehicle will assist investigators.


Tempe PD statement

The Tempe Police Department addresses the issue while Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi tweeted out his condolences.

Arizona was one of the first states to involve Uber’s self-driving car (s) a few years ago, and allowed other companies to test their robotic vehicles.

Update: Video footage of the crash was obtained, but it hasn’t been released yet. Apparently there’s no indication that the car even tried to stop or slow down to avoid the crash. This makes you wonder. Could the driver inside the self-driving car control this? Did the car override any and all attempts of the driver to salvage the situation? Is there more to this than a vehicular malfunction?

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