Good news for non-premium Spotify -ers ..(kinda)

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Spotify is coming in clutch with a huge app update that targets the 90 million non-premium Spotify users. This might give you more of a reason to stop using Apple Music!

You might not need to save up for Spotify Premium anymore


On Tuesday, April 24th, Spotify had a massive app update.

But before I get into that, let’s recap a little on the difference between non-premium Spotify, and common sense.

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Now, from what I feel you’re thinking, you just know you’re missing out.

But before you start paying $9.99 a month, hear me out.

New year, new Spotify

For those avid Spotify users, you know how everyday you get your personalized playlists? Your Daily Mix, Discover Weekly, RapCaviar, and all that fun stuff?

non-premium spotify update
Yes. Those.

The updated free version will now allow you to select up to 750 songs a day from these playlists made just for you!

In case you didn’t understand that quite well, you can literally choose up to 750 songs that YOU want to hear.

If you generally listen to a lot of Post Malone and Spotify adds a ton of Post Malone in your “daily mix”, you’re in luck.

Listen to his songs 750 times everyday without Spotify forcing you to Shuffle Play …(as long as you’re still in the personalized playlists).

To make matters a bit better (since I know this part sucks the most), the new Spotify app will include a data saver option that can “decrease data usage” by almost 75%!

If you’re one of the 90 million non-premium Spotify users, you now have more of a reason to not pay for Apple Music or… Pandora (why do you even have Pandora).

Peek into the new

non-premium Spotify update

With this new fueature, Spotify asks you to list your favourite artists, while the algorithm can understand how to create your dope playlist without you needing to text one of your DJ friends.

If you think you’re talented enough to create your own playlist, Spotify even suggest similar songs you might want to add.

I’ve been paying for Spotify Premium for years now – but this option might make it a bit wiser to save your money for Netflix instead.

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