The Nokia Banana Phone

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"Why come up with new pieces of technology when you can just modernize old ones?" - Probably some dude at Nokia. The Banana phone is back and it's here to stay.

While all of you use Thursdays as an excuse for some #throwback, Nokia is actually bringing a throwback …back. (Again)

The Nokia 8110 4G

nokia banana phone

This very flamboyant phone goes by many names. You might know it as the Nokia Banana phone, the Nokia Matrix phone, or the more technical term – the Nokia 8110 4G.

I know you’re used to your no-button-touch-screen phones of the modern era, but don’t hate on the Nokia Banana phone just yet.

nokia 8110 4g

The new Nokia 8110 4G is definitely a revamp on what it used to be. Right off the bat, I assume you’ve figured out that the main reason it’s called the Nokia Banana Phone is because it straight up looks like a banana.

There’s no antenna anymore, the buttons are much more 21st century-ish, and overall it just looks less pre historic.

The “curved’ shape allows you to slide it open to answer calls, or slide back in to end them. So much for reminiscing over how fun it was to hang up on someone using a flip phone.

Nokia takes pride in admitting that this unique shape allows you to spin the phone in “ways you never imagined”. We do like spinning our phones on tables, don’t we?


  • 2.4″ curved screen
  • 4G capabilities for you to surf the web, chat, and stream.
  • You know how we’re used to our phone batteries dying in a couple hours? Well, what if I told you that the Nokia Banana Phone has a standby battery life of 25 days………..?
  • 2 MP camera with an LED flash
  • 512 MB Ram and 4GB storage
  • All of this, and I haven’t even told you the best part yet.







Due to its absolutely amazing Banana shape, it might actually make it a bit uncomfortable (or awkward?) to keep inside your pockets. It is quite light, and it is quite small, and compared to its predecessor, this new phone is stuff from the future.

This is refreshing, isn’t it? The majority of us phone users (so everyone basically) started off with Nokias and once iPhones and Samsungs came into our lives, all of the old guys were simply forgotten about.

Many have died along the way and keep trying to make a comeback though (hint hint). I do enjoy seeing stuff from the past trying to redeem itself in our present.

Before I forget, and in case you don’t know yet: there’s a reason the Nokia Banana Phone is also called the Nokia Matrix Phone…

My boy Neo

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