Alexa Guard can now Guard your home

Alexa guard feature

For those of us who don’t have very aggressive dogs, smart home security systems, or personal ninjas, the Alexa Guard might be a great first step in securing your home.

Amazon (MAJOR) Key (ALERT)

Amazon Key

How many times have you ordered something off of Amazon but nobody was home to receive it? But wait… what if your door could open on its own?

What the Ford!?

Ford hybrid pursuit

With so much going on, it seems that innovation is scarce. Ford begs to differ – coming up with advancements that will improve your impression of them.

Poke- no. Amazon Go?

Going grocery shopping is extremely fun no matter how old you are. Having the pleasure of strolling through aisles for hours, throwing everything you don’t need in your cart.. You can surely go a while before getting frustrated. However, where do we draw that¬†frustration line? ——————–CHECK OUT LINES——————–(<– right about here) Waiting for that person […]