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Apple News+ is Apple's latest subscription service... for news.
Apple Special Event

Apple News

The Apple Special Event finally took place on the afternoon of March 25th, and I’m here to tell you all about it. As with every big event, I’m about to divide this up into parts. Get ready for Apple News+.

We live in an era of digital subscription packages. We’ve seen it with Spotify for music, Netflix for shows, Google for gaming, and yet again, Apple… for everything?

Apple News+ is Apple’s new news service that adds magazines to the Apple News app.

Apple News+

With the goal of curation in mind, Apple will provide over 300 magazines, including: The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Men’s Health, Vogue, and several others.

The selling point? Subscribing to all of the magazines on Apple News+ individually would total to $8,000annually. But on Apple News+? $9.99 a month.

Just like other streaming services, the $9.99 price won’t be limited to just one user, but can be shared amongst all family members (up to 6) thanks to Family Sharing.

Apple News+

Other than magazines, Apple News+ will also include your favourite newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Toronto Star, and others.

Now, I mentioned earlier that Apple News+ aims to curate your news for you – give you exactly what it knows you want to read. But Apple backs “privacy” a whole lot. So what gives?

Answer: Apple’s machine learning and device intelligence will allow your device to understand your needs, without Apple ever knowing.

Not only will this be available on all your Apple devices, but you will also receive a one month free trial to try out the service before committing to it.

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